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It was inappropriate to stay the claim on forum non conveniens grounds for this reason and because limitation and liability involved separate issues, making it appropriate to determine each in different courts. The Manx Court also held that no stay of a limitation action can be made on the application of a single party and a fund can be set up by way of a letter of understanding LOU - as in England. Knowledge of different limitation regimes available around the world is key to offering shipowners and insurers the best means of limiting exposure. Urgent action often has to be taken post-casualty to fix the best jurisdiction.

Full profile of Rory Butler rory. What do we do? Mars Diamonds in the rough: hidden gems in the ship finance market? July The Channel Tunnel: have we learnt our lessons? Rodley, resides in London; while the younger.

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Miss Nellie. April 18th. The cortege proceeded from the deceased's late residence. Hawarden-avenue, by way of Woodlands and the Quarter Bridge to Braddan Cemetery, where the interment took place. The service in the mortuary chapel was conducted by the, Revs T. Markwell, T. Fairweather, and David Oakley, and at the graveside by the Revs 'f. Mostyn Pirinark and D.

Cubbin read the Oddfellows' oration over the grave of their departed brother immediately after the Church service was read. Clucas son , W. Quayle, R. Quayle, H.

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Clucas, G. Clucas, and E. Clucas nephews , J. Clucas cousin , E.

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Quaggin brother-in-law , R. Fargher partner , and R. The funeral was attended by a large number of well-known local gentlemen and representatives of the various public boards. Church, and spoke on the word's " And you shall be missed, for thy seat will be empty. He wanted to speak about the life that should be led in such a manner that in living we should be missed. He wanted them to realise that some clay their seat would be empty. It was the desire of everyone to be missed when they departed, and every soul in that church desired that they should be remembered.

It was the dearest wish of the emigrant bound for a far country, and it was the last wish of the dying that someone should miss them and remember them. Some had sought to be remembered by great schemes of ambition, but they had failed to achieve their object; and also there were some who would not be missed. There were some homes where the dead were never mentioned.

If men lived selfish and un-Christian lives. There were men who took so little part in the work of the Church that they were not missed from it. There were men whose lives were so selfish in the home and so unhelpful in the Church and in daily life that when their seat was empty their presence would not be missed; while others, when they died, were like the falling of some giant of the forest. The men who were t] missed were not respected because of their special gifts or wealth or position, but because of the good that was in them, and because of the service they rendered to the world.

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He urged them to live such a life that it could be said of them. His first connection with the Primitive Methodist Church was in the year , some 45 years ago. I am told that scores of young men came to God through those services,, and amongst the rest was our brother, and through these 45 years our friend and brother. Mr Clucas, has held connection with our Church, and has filled many offices in it. His family at that time attended the Thomas-street Wesleyan Church, as it was known at that time, now the, Victoria-street Church; but he joined our Church and also our Sunday-school.

He became a teacher, first of one of the lower classes and afterwards of the young men's class, and in succeeding years he filled the office of superintendent. In the year , he became a trustee of the Church. He took a deep interest and greatly helped in the transference of our church frown Wellington-street to the present building.

At one time he was society steward of this church, and for many years he was representative of the trustees to the quarterly meeting, and a few years ago he had the honour to be delegate to the District Meeting. His failings were all an the surface. A certain brusqueness of speech, and at times a little abruptness of manner, perhaps, but to those who knew him he was a man possessed of the kindest of hearts.

He was a man who brought to thus church a love, and loyalty that I hope the young men of the church will think about. The fact that men of all ranks and all churches, at in early hour this morning, assembled to the funeral service, was a practical and tangible testimony of the truth I have put before you this night; that in his business and in the church, and in the little world that Mr Clucas filled, he will be missed.

His place will be empty. I cannot trust myself to speak at further length of his life and character. He, was bound by the strongest ties to many of you here evening; and one of the most beautiful things I have ever witnessed was the long and unbroken friendship he held with Joseph Shimmin, Mr William Quirk and Mr W.

George Qualtrough.

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These men have been friends from boyhood, and then have grown up side by side in the service of God, and they have given to the church years of service, love, and loyalty. In conclusion, Mr Oakley said he thought the life he had spoken of should be an intensely practical lesson to the young then of that church to follow the example set them.

There would be one less to carry on the work; they should try to fill the place rendered vacant. The, death of Mr Shippam at the great age of 82, at his residence, Quarter Bridge-road, gives many of us pause to think.

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He was such a. The Fight of every soul burns upwards, but most of us are candles in the wind. And we must allow for atmospheric disturbances. He has gone to his reward ; and if we grieve, it is selfish.


A long and honourable life spent in well-doing has made its final exit from the stage of life. Ripe and rich in years. Any of us, looking back at the past and presenting such a clean sheet to the final adjudicator as Mr S. Shippam, will not have lived in vain. Taking him for all in all, as we must take every thing and everybody in this world of ours,.

His " dossier " emphasises this. Sam Shippam. Immediately after his marriage he adventured to the Isle of Man for reasons of health, and set up in business in Strand street, Douglas.

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A long, happy, married life, fifty-seven and a half years. Many readers will remember that. Mr and Mrs Shippam celebrated their golden wedding seven years ago last October, when they were surrounded by all their sons and daughters, and were the recipients of many tangible expressions of the affection and esteem of a large circle of friends.

The world is a less glad place because Mr Shippam has found the Eternal Calm which lies at the foot of the rainbow. Thus do we metaphorically announce the death of Capt.