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I progressively integrate phonetics, grammar, conjugation, vocabulary in the courses which always include practical exercises. You will also learn a lot about the culture as it is deeply linked to the language. The pedagogic materials I choose are mostly created for native speakers : texts from literature, newspapers, radio podcasts, videos, songs The debate is the heart of my classroom, but always in a playful way, through many role games — for me learning a language is first and foremost a great joy! Can flexibly adapt to all needs and levels of french. I have a great amount of experience with teaching languages to students and some with conversational lessons to adults.

Having just graduated in the International Baccalaureate, I realise the level of stress students may feel and am very determined to help them reach their goal with confidence! I can fully prepare students for their oral and written exams as well as any homework and tests throughout the year.

Trusted teacher: I have a passion for French Grammar. I have been teaching French for more than 15 years and I enjoy explaining difficult things in a simple way with clear examples related to the students. I can answer any question about French Grammar or make you practise what you know in theory. Trusted teacher: Hello, I am a french graphic designer giving flexible french lessons to all levels and all goals! I have a background in art and literature and therefor would be interested into taking the lessons to another context than the academic one.

I already have a previous experience in teaching french and would be pleased again to share my culture and language. I can give adapted lessons from complete beginners to advanced ones! According to the student's wishes the lessons can be focused on the preferred aspects conversation, vocabulary, grammar, writing, formal writing, etc.

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I specialize in tutoring for students taking english course and introductory french course. I have undertaken a bachelors degree in History and Political Science and I am currently completing a masters in Urban Studies Social Science so I can assist students with work related to these subjects. In these subjects, I can help students get a richer and more complete understanding of material, give them focused attention on areas of difficulty and help them to prepare better for their classes.

For tutoring in French and English I can also provide extra assignments to work through during the tutoring session. For students under 12, I can also assist with Math and Science homework. I am a French student in computer engineering doing an internship in Amsterdam. I propose French lessons to learn or develop your French. French native speaker -Do you like art? Do you want to share your feelings about your last exhibition and improve your French? Join me for a French conversation course about art!

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Talk about your favourite painting or works of art you love and express your thoughts about art and along the way you'll learn art related vocabulary. I focus on speaking, writing, reading and listening and on the French art and culture. We will speak French as much as possible, and of course grammar and conjugation. This class is for anyone interested in learning French from scratch or improving their current level.

My aim is to provide my students with a strong foundation of the French language grammar and vocabulary but also a flavour of French culture.

I assign homework every lesson and provide periodic progress reports. I tailor the lesson and homework content and the method of teaching to the student to make sure everyone has the chance to learn at their own pace. Ultimately though, I want my students to be able to comfortably chat in French and develop a love of this beautiful language.

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Trusted teacher: This class aims to teach french language through different forms of study rather than a classic academic approach to language learning. For example those methods can be expressed in oral conversations, study of texts, art pieces, or movies in french, and of course more conventional teaching. I believe that a language is learnt better in it's cultural context and applications rather than though a decontextualized approach.

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If you are interested don't hesitate to ask any question. I have over 5 years of experience in tutoring, and am very passionate about education.


I adapt my classes to each pupil; together, we work out a teaching plan based on your exact needs and goals, and from there comes success! My specialist subjects are modern languages French and Spanish , literatury analysis, film studies, urban planning and preparing for Oxbridge assessments. I also offer tutoring in History and Critical Thinking. I offer tutoring at all levels, from primary school upwards to university, and beyond, depending on the subject.

If you need help with any of my subjects, don't hesitate to get in touch! I hope that we can work together very soon! Trusted teacher: I am a native French and my goal is to help students to improve their French skills but not only! One of my passion is literature and I would like to share it with you! I want to help you discovering the language but the culture as well! I can help beginners to start somewhere but I can also make your skills better if you want some advance classes or discussion!

Trusted teacher: Learn French with pleasure! Understanding the French community, France and the French culture and current affairs. I am an Amsterdam French teacher. I offer one-on-one or group French language lessons in person or via Skype. All lessons have been carefully designed to reflect your specific needs and structured to meet your level and favorite learning style. The focus in the lessons is on the student instead of the teacher and I use a wide range of materials to improve your grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and the use of French, in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.

As a native speaker, having experience in teaching french and having recently undertaken a training for teaching french as a foreign language, I can easily adapt to each student's level and needs. My classes focus mostly on communication, you will practice and lot. I work with students on original french documents, so they learn step by step vocabulary and grammar but always in a specific context that makes learning funnier and easier!

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Whatever your level is, don't worry we can either start with the basics or build on the skills you already have. I have good knowledge of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages in order to properly assess and reference achievements of students. I can also answer to specific needs exams, professional requirements, etc. I have already taught this subject as well as English to students of all ages and I have been able to develop effective teaching methods. I make students work with spelling as well as grammar and vocabulary, combining clear theoretical lessons and exercises to put their knowledge into practice as they go.

English or French speaking. Trusted teacher: I am a french student in the Conservatorium of Amsterdam. I have also a teaching diploma from France. I can teach piano, harp or french to all levels and age. I have some years of experience. I like sharing my passion, music and helping you to improve and enjoy!

Weekly Standard course - 20 lessons

My name is Thierry French is my mother tongue and I suggest you learn it or progress The courses will be adapted according to the demands of the student with always the concern to find the good compromise between the technique and the pleasure, to make want to discover or to improve by privileging the exchange and the conversation Literature, cinema, cooking, travel Trusted teacher: Learn to speak French or improve your French with a professional teacher. My classes are very effective, you will learn to speak French without accent. I offer conversational French Professional French Followed by books and adequate document at your level.

It's a great opportunity to learn a new language without leaving your space. Hurry up to book a course you will not regret. Make sure you find someone who pays attention to the details of how you play and will lead you towards best practices. I like to adapt myself to you and your learning goals.

I will offer information and experiences that will not only improve your skills and feed your desire for knowledge but also nourish your curiosity and make you want to keep on learning. The first step is signing up! We can do this! Read below some reviews of former students of mine. Typically my students enroll for weekly lessons, with a monthly flat rate.

The weekly lesson is the best, it helps you stay motivated and on track in order to reach your music goals.